Inside Sarasota's Growing Homeless Problem

Why didn’t the city of Sarasota build the shelter recommended by a national expert to get the homeless off downtown streets and into programs that might help them? Investigative reporter Tony D’Souza finds a trail of broken promises, misguided policies,

12/31/2014 By Tony D'Souza


The Beach Effect

I may not go to the beach every day, but there’s something magic about knowing it’s there.

04/24/2014 By Tony D'Souza


Best-Selling Author Randy Wayne White Crusades to Protect Tarpon

Best-selling Southwest Florida thriller writer Randy Wayne White crusades to protect the region's tarpon.

04/01/2014 By Tony D'Souza


An Insider Glimpse at the Annual “Camp Kotok” Financial Summit

Every summer, Sarasota's David Kotok invites some of the biggest names in global finance for fishing and freewheeling discussions deep in the woods of northern Maine. Contributing editor Tony D'Souza listens in.

03/01/2014 By Tony D'Souza


Inside Feld Entertainment's Center for Elephant Conservation

At his Center for Elephant Conservation, Sarasota circus magnate Kenneth Feld gives a rare glimpse into his passion for his mighty pachyderms.

12/02/2013 By Tony D'Souza


Exclusive: Nik Wallenda on Family, Fame, Fortune—and the Grand Canyon

Nik Wallenda strides into this month's walk across the Grand Canyon with a worldwide fan base and high hopes for expanding his family's fame—and fortune.

06/03/2013 Photography by Troy Plota By Tony D'Souza


Heritage on the Half Shell

Author Tony D'Souza ate his first raw oyster while on vacation in Sarasota just to please his father. More than 20 years later, he's so glad he did.

02/01/2013 By Tony D'Souza


Queen of the Beasts

12/01/2012 By Tony D'Souza Photography by Kathryn Brass & Ian Dean