Once Upon a Time in Florida

A Journey Through Old Florida With the State’s Last Cowboys

The seven-day, six-night reenactment offered 350 people on horseback the chance to push 500 head of cattle through 80 contiguous miles of Florida that few people ever get to see. 

08/31/2023 By Isaac Eger

Wild at Heart

Shot by Shot, Photographer Carlton Ward Jr. Is Saving Wild Florida

This week sees the publication of Path of the Panther: New Hope for Wild Florida, Ward's new book of Florida wildlife photography.

05/03/2023 By Isaac Eger


Go See the New Film Path of the Panther

The new documentary film allows us to see the elusive cat—Florida's state animal—in all its secret glory like never before. 

03/03/2023 By Isaac Eger

Path of the Panther

A New Film Highlights the Plight of the Florida Panther

Wildlife photographer Carlton Ward Jr. produced the movie, which will receive a statewide theatrical release this month.

02/17/2023 By Staff

The Path Forward

Photographer Carlton Ward Jr. Is Using His Lens to Help Save Wild Florida

The story of the Florida panther is one of near extinction, followed by a dramatic rebound and a shaky status quo.

05/05/2022 By Cooper Levey-Baker


My Gulf of Mexico

12/01/2010 By Peter B. Gallagher Photography by Carlton Ward Jr.