Sarasota Audubon President Win Prestigious National Audubon Society Award

Jeanne Dubi has been awarded a Charles H. Callison Award, which is only given out to two people every year.

By Staff November 17, 2021

Jeanne Dubi

Jeanne Dubi

Sarasota Audubon Society president Jeanne Dubi has been awarded a Charles H. Callison Award from the 2021 National Audubon Society. These awards honor outstanding efforts by staff and volunteers to continue Audubon’s mission for birds and habitat conservation. Every year, one award is given to a staff member, and one award is given to a volunteer.

Dubi has held leadership positions at the Sarasota Audubon Society chapter for several decades and most notably helped turn the Celery Fields, a regional stormwater treatment facility, into a world-class ecotourism destination, which included fundraising and overseeing the construction of a new LEED Gold-certified Audubon nature center. Dubi, along with the Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast, successfully persuaded Sarasota County to give Sarasota Audubon the right to manage 27 acres adjacent to the Celery Fields. This acreage was granted a conservation easement (held by the Conservation Foundation) and will become a newly created wildlife habitat. Her most recent initiative engages multigenerational families from the area's Hispanic/Latinx community for Spanish language field trips.

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