Goodwill Manasota and the Women's Resource Center have launched a pilot program for 10 low-income women that provides devices, Internet service, technology support and digital skills training.

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Goodwill Manasota and the Women’s Resource Center (WRC) announced that they have launched a pilot program that provides devices, Internet service, technology support, and digital skills training to low-income women in the region. The pilot stage will engage up to 10 low-income women referred by and already receiving services from the partner organizations. The clients will create individualized development plans with a Goodwill GoodPartner coach and WRC mentor  who will work as a team to support the clients throughout the training process. WRC will provide the digital device, local nonprofit Sarasota Technologies User Group (STUG) is donating 10 Microsoft Office licenses, and a Goodwill computer instructor will develop a customized training plan that the participants will complete on their new devices.

After participants have completed their training, they will get to take the new device home. Instructors will confirm that participants have high-speed internet or assist in securing low-cost service through Everyone On or another resource. Additionally, the participants will be entitled to Goodwill tech support for six months after receiving their devices. All graduates will be encouraged to take advantage of other programs at Goodwill and WRC, as both organizations work to equip clients with the tools and skills they need to earn a living wage. 

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