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Van Wezel Foundation Announces Fiscal Year 2021 Board of Directors

Members of the Board have a wide-ranging background, serving as business leaders, philanthropists and civic partners.

By Staff July 17, 2020

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The Van Wezel Foundation has announced its fiscal year 2021 officers and board members. The Foundation board officers include chairman Jim Travers, vice-chair Jenne Britell, treasurer Vern Chalfant and secretary Julie Harris. Executive Committee leadership includes governance committee chair Ali Bahaj, Strategic Planning Committee chair Jenne Britell, Audit Committee chair Michael Wilson, Finance Committee chair Vern Chalfant, and Arts Education and Community Engagement chair Nanci Ross-Weaver.

Additional members of the board renewing their terms include Gerald Biller, Chad Campbell, Mark Famiglio, David Koffman, Mike Martella, Elaine McClure and Karl Newkirk. Ex-officio board members include Mary Bensel and Cheryl Mendelson.

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