Trailers move through Port Manatee’s newly opened transfer facility, freeing up near-dock space for containers, thus helping expedite shipments of fresh produce to consumers.

A new throughput-maximizing facility that opened in early April at Port Manatee is helping speed shipments of fresh produce to consumers in Florida and beyond. Port Manatee’s newly unveiled transfer facility, with room for 120 trailers, optimizes capabilities for expediting movement of cargo by freeing up dock yard space for stacking as many as 300 containers at a time. The 3.6-acre facility was completed in three months at a port investment of $916,093, while supporting 10 construction jobs. Shippers of produce through Port Manatee include Del Monte Fresh Produce Co., which imports bananas, pineapples and avocados from Central and South America, and Port Manatee-based World Direct Shipping, which brings in a wide array of time-sensitive perishables from Mexico.

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