Floridians Should Be 'Concerned, Not Panicked' About Coronavirus, Says Economist

The probability of a state recession has also increased to 24.1 percent.

By Staff February 25, 2020

Floridians should be "concerned but not panicked" about coronavirus says the Florida Chamber's chief economist.

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Florida Chamber Foundation chief economist Dr. Jerry Parrish says Florida should be “concerned, but not panicked” about the coronavirus’ threats on Florida’s economy, the Florida Chamber said in a press release. According to Parrish, Florida’s most vulnerable industries include international visitors, cruise passengers, imports/exports and manufacturing jobs; he added that the probability of a state recession over the next nine months has increased to 24.1 percent, compared to 19.7 percent in January 2020, with the 10-year government bond and three-month T-bill now showing an inversion.

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