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Realize Bradenton Announces New Board Member

Dominique LeClezio, Feld Entertainment vice-president of creative and marketing services, will serve a three-year term.

By Staff December 20, 2019

Dominique LeClezio

Realize Bradenton has welcomed Dominique LeClezio, vice-president of creative and marketing services for Feld Entertainment, to serve on its board of directors for a three-year term. The Realize Bradenton board promotes redevelopment and economic growth in downtown Bradenton by transforming public places and engaging people using arts, culture, heritage, and food to build a vibrant, healthy Bradenton. 

Born and raised in South Africa, LeClezio has earned degrees in marketing and economics and completed post-graduate work in marketing management. Prior to his work at Feld, he earned both local and international recognition for this work on brands including McDonald's, Levi Strauss, Virgin Cola, Volkswagen and Tervis Tumbler.

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