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The Education Foundation of Sarasota County (EFSC) has announced classroom and school-wide grant awards totaling $225,235 for the 2019-20 academic year. Nearly 34,000 students will be impacted by the awards, which directly benefit 244 teachers and 43 K-12 schools. The grants are funded through EducateSRQ, a signature program of the EFSC. The scope of grants ranges from $250 for individual classroom consumables to $10,000 for school-wide, multidisciplinary learning experiences. All Sarasota County district teachers and principals are eligible to apply. The EFSC also anticipates funding three immersive grants that integrate investigative problem-solving with collaborative, interdisciplinary, school-wide curriculum. The immersive grant, while not open for application, is included in the awards total of the EducateSRQ program. 

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