Mote, Enzymedica Partner on Coral Reef Repopulation Initiative

A portion of the sales of Enzymedica's new Aqua Biome fish oil supplements will benefit Mote's coral restoration project in the Florida Keys

By Staff October 24, 2019

Mote Marine's Dr. Erinn Muller researching coral reefs.

Venice-based supplement company Enzymedica has partnered with Mote Marine Laboratory to provide support to Mote's coral reef repopulation projects. A portion of the sales of Enzymedica's new Aqua Biome fish oil supplements will benefit Mote's coral restoration project in the Florida Keys. One percent of the world’s oceans are coral reefs, but they support 25 percent of all marine life. In 2017, about 12 percent of the oceans’ reefs were degraded, and they continue to decline due to climate change, ocean acidification, coral disease, overfishing, and other stressors. In some areas of Florida and the Caribbean, coral cover has declined by 50-80 percent in the last three decades. 

Mote scientists grow coral in underwater and land-based nurseries, where it has more than 40,000 coral fragments at a time. Thousands of those fragments are "outplanted" on the reef every year. Mote has also developed a “microfragmentation and fusion” method to grow corals 50 times faster in their nurseries than they grow naturally. They have a 95 percent survival rate when placed onto the reef. So far, Mote has outplanted more than 70,000 new corals.

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