Port Manatee Awarded More than $1.4 Million to Bolster Security

The award will be joined by a 25 percent port match of $475,000, totaling $1.9 million in investments.

By Staff August 7, 2019

Port Manatee's south gate.

Port Manatee has been awarded $1,425,000 in federal funding to advance three projects to bolster security at the fast-growing Central-Southwest Florida Gulf Coast port. The award will be joined by a 25 percent port match of $475,000 in moving forward three projects, totaling $1.9 million in investments.

The largest endeavor is the $1 million expansion of Port Manatee’s south security gate facility into a full-service complex with four configurable lanes and capabilities for handling the full spectrum of registered, temporary and visitor transactions. A $750,000 undertaking will complete a comprehensive update of port-wide security systems, including modernizing computer software and integrating video and access control technologies into a common operating platform. A $150,000 project aims to upgrade Port Manatee’s emergency alarm system. All projects backed by fiscal 2019 port grants must be completed within three years.

Port Manatee is currently finishing projects supported by prior federal grants totaling nearly $1.7 million. Those efforts include expansion of the port’s north security gate complex.

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