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Five Must-Haves For Your Smart Home

The latest high-tech home products.

By Ashley Cooper September 27, 2018 Published in the October 2018 issue of Sarasota Magazine

CinemaFrame fits nearly flush with the wall.

Smart Roof

A pergola roof system made of wood and aluminum can make outdoor living spaces smarter and more comfortable. You control it from an app, set times for it to open and close, enable rain and wind sensors, and change its position at different times of day. There’s even a hurricane mode that senses excessive wind speeds and opens the louvers to minimize uplift until the storm passes. arcadiaroofs.com

Light Fantastic

This smart lighting system with a built-in chip can be adjusted or set throughout the day, so natural lighting is automatically adjusted to your liking, to the benefit of your eyes. It’s similar to a “night shift” feature on iPhones, which is supposed to help users sleep better by removing the blue light from cell phones after a certain time of day. ketra.com

Screen Time

No, not the kind you spend in front of your computer and phone. Retractable Clearview screen doors are perfect for letting in natural air and allowing you to enjoy the outdoors that homebuilders are now creating with fountains, fire pits, gazebos and courtyards. clearviewdoor.com

Wonder Wall

There’s no need to use a whole section of wall for a bunch of light switches. Trimless recessed light fixtures and flush switches and outlets from Trufig minimize wall clutter so switches and outlets blend in almost seamlessly. In fact, trimless LED lighting can be mudded right into the drywall. The system also can be designed so every appliance can be controlled from the homeowner’s smart phone or iPad. trufig.com

That’s Entertainment

Completely integrated, high-performance home entertainment systems are one of the most coveted items in new homes. A great example is the CinemaFrame, which offers a high-performance sound system and HD TV, and works with devices like Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire. Best of all, it fits inside any standard-depth wall behind the television and is fully customizable for every home. Plus, it hides all those pesky cables and wires. itsbeautifullysimple.com

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