Four New Members Join College Library Association Board

The Ringling College Library Association board recently appointed four new members: Ashley Brown, Allen Carlson, Kelley Lavin and Brian Mariash.

By Staff September 28, 2018

Sarasota Magazine publisher Kelley Lavin

The Ringling College Library Association recently appointed four new members to its board of directors: Ashley Brown, Allen Carlson, Kelley Lavin and Brian Mariash. Brown is the president of the Women’s Resource Center; Carlson is the regional director of the University of Florida Innovation Station; Lavin is the group publisher of Sarasota Magazine and Venice Magazine; and Mariash is a senior vice president with Mariash Lowther Wealth Management. Each will serve a three-year term. Returning board members include new president Jay Logan, new vice president Emily Walsh, secretary Mitzie Henson, past president Becky Mahoney, Erin Christy, Christine Cremer, Patrick Duggan, Renee Eppard, Michael Forson, Kathleen France, Sue Gross, Ashley Hawkins, Jennifer Huber, Cindy Stuhley and Linda Whitacre. The Association is dedicated to the ongoing development of the Alfred R. Goldstein Library at the Ringling College of Art and Design and acts as a catalyst for the educational growth of students, faculty and the community.

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