Cruise Car to Build MOKE Vehicles

Sarasota manufacturer wins contract to build lightweight electric street vehicle.

By staff August 21, 2017

Sarasota’s Cruise Car has secured the contract to build an electric version of the cult MOKE vehicle brand.(Brigitte Bardot drove it in St.Tropez.) Initially envisioned in the 1950s as a lightweight, parachute-droppable vehicle for the British military, MOKE vehicles are now used around the world as a beach vacation car in “sunshine territories.” Cruise Car builds two- to 30-passenger electric and solar electric passenger shuttles, and a wide variety of light utility carts. This joint venture will create a street legal, electric, low-speed (top speed just under 25 mph) version of the MOKE. The first vehicles are slated to be delivered late August 2017. A national network of car dealers is being established.


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