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Le Herbe, a cannabis beverage company, is currently exploring the possibility of opening a permanent office in Sarasota. The company is waiting for clarity on local regulations that may be passed since the approval earlier this month of Amendment 2, which "allows [the] medical use of marijuana for individuals with debilitating medical conditions as determined by a licensed Florida physician." Le Herbe is a Seattle-based company that manufactures green tea, cold brew coffee and coconut water infused with cannabis, according to its website. "We think that medical cannabis beverages are going to be very popular in Florida," company representative Vincent Cali writes in an email. "Consumers think that you need to smoke cannabis, vape or eat unhealthy edible products like cookies, candy, etc. in order to consume this wonderful plant. With smoking bans, fear of marketing to children and trends toward healthy living, we will be contributing the future of cannabis consumption right here in the Sunshine State."

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