Risdon on 5th Developers Purchase Nearby Rosemary District Building

The Risdon Group recently purchased a nearby building located at 435 Central Ave., Sarasota.

Research by staff May 25, 2016

The risdon so2nax

A rendering of The Risdon

The Risdon Group, the developers of Risdon on 5th in Sarasota's Rosemary District, recently purchased a nearby building located at 435 Central Ave., Sarasota. Dubbed The Risdon, the building is intended to fill a need for boutique, urban housing and office space options near downtown Sarasota. The property was purchased this month for $2.8 million. The second of three developments planned so far, The Risdon consists of 16,000 square feet of mixed-use space, including seven apartments and five retail and office spaces, and is fully occupied. Modifications to the existing building will include aesthetic enhancements to the streetscape, including the addition of contemporary exterior awnings and custom planters and columns.

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