Biz(941) What I've Learned: Cosmetics Expert Flori Roberts

Cosmetics expert Flori Roberts shares business advice in "What I've Learned."

By Kim Hackett July 6, 2015

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HER NAME IS NOT AS FAMILIAR AS ESTEE LAUDER or Elizabeth Arden, but cosmetics maven Flori Roberts’ impact on the beauty business has been revolutionary. She pioneered the first cosmetic line for women of color in the 1960s. Then, with her late husband, Dr. Craig Roberts, she invented Dermablend, a make-up line designed to conceal skin flaws. Roberts, who lives in Sarasota, eventually sold both the Flori Roberts and Dermablend companies, and then went on to co-create Smart Cover Cosmetics, becoming one of the first concealer lines to use infomercials on the Home Shopping Network. Roberts is a founding member of the Committee of 200, an organization of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and corporate innovators. She mentors budding business owners and has run entrepreneur boot camps through organizations such as the Women’s Resource Center of Sarasota County. ... Read more

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