Biz(941): Coping with Caregiving

Dementia expert Teepa Snow on the caregiving crisis—and why Sarasota is ahead of the curve.

By Hannah Wallace July 1, 2015

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In a rapidly aging world, caregiving for seniors, especially those with dementia, has a major economic impact. Lost labor due to physical absence and emotional stress affects every business, and many companies are ill-prepared to manage and help employees who are caring for a loved one. Additionally, service industries need guidelines for dealing with customers who have dementia, so that they and their caregivers will feel welcome.

Teepa Snow is a national expert on dementia and caregiving. Her natural empathy first found purpose working with developmentally disabled children. But after living with an aging grandparent and later acting as a caregiver for her mother-in-law, Snow devoted herself to advocating on behalf of people with dementia and acting as a mediator between them and their caregivers. ... Read more

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