Site #11 - Raylee

Modular composite used in aerospace construction, light and sound components, 168 in. h x 168 in. diameter. Artist: Robert Chambers, b. 1958, American living in Miami, FL

By staff November 4, 2013

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Robert Chambers is a Miami-based sculptor known for his experimental approach to his work. Called a “mad scientist," by friends and associates, Chambers creates surprising, thought-provoking and often humorous art works and installations. He often combines unlikely materials, including sound and light. With scientific methodology at the core of his artistic processes, he fuses scientific knowledge, contemporary culture in a holistic approach in which environment, material and subject matter become unified in the work. Raylee is the third sculpture of Chambers’ Adaptive Reclamation Series and was created on-site, in Sarasota's Bayfront Park. The first in the series was exhibited at Miami's Bass Museum. The second was most recently exhibited in Basel, Switzerland. The inspiration for Raylee is the work of Lord Rayleigh, the Nobel Prize winning British physicist who, among other things, discovered the "scientific scattering of light" which accounts for why the sky is "blue" and the sun is "yellow."

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