Site #8 - Oracle, 2007

Stainless Steel, 120 in. h x 72 in. w. x 24 in. d. Artist: Hans Van de Bovenkamp, b. 1938, Garderen, Holland, Dutch-American living in Sagaponack, NY.

By staff November 4, 2013

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This is one of the artist’s Menhir series. A menhir is an upright stone monument from prehistoric times, such as Stonehenge and Carnac. Van deBovenkamp succumbs to the timeless human urge to create sacred space, Van de Bovenkamp has created a body of work significant for the way his decisions about scale, material, content, and form interact with the natural and architectural world that surrounds his sculptures. The artist says: “I find myself working towards an art which includes a spiritual dimension. I have become increasingly aware of art as a dialogue between matter and spirit. In recent works, I have emphasized myth, symbol and dream to evoke an atmosphere in which the sculpture and its environment speak to the subconscious…”

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