Site #3 - Gateway

brushed aluminum, 8 ft. 2 in. h. x 16 ft. w. Artist: Linda Howard, American, b. 1934, Evanston. IL, American living in Bradenton, FL

By staff November 4, 2013

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Raised on nearby Anna Maria Island, Linda Howard finds inspiration for her work in sea shells and natural forms found in the Florida environment. Her work exists in contradiction – what is new or modern versus what is old and transcendence from one space to another. The critic Donald Kuspit comments on Howard's work: "Looking modern, by reason of its industrial materials, and looking as though a mathematical game was its basis, yet having a peculiar aura of transcendence… Howard has succeeded, in modern terms, in realizing the old task of religious architecture: to create a clear order that emanates and spreads joy." In Linda Howard’s words "...archways are gateways to transitional spaces, moving one, step-by-step, from a personalized human scale to a larger space, and then on conceptually to the expanded universe beyond."

Howard’s public work can be seen throughout the Tampa Bay and Sarasota areas.

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