Brian Hovnanian Brings His Paddleboard Manufacturing Biz to Sarasota

Brian Hovnanian brings his paddleboard manufacturing Biz, Hovie SUP, to Sarasota.

By Kay Kipling June 3, 2013

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For former pro surfer Brian Hovnanian, riding the waves is a way of life. Now, as owner of Hovie SUP, a California-based stand-up paddleboard company that just opened a 20,000-square-foot manufacturing plant at Port Manatee, Hovnanian is spreading the fun—and health benefits—of paddleboarding to more Floridians. "Florida has such a large area of flat water, and 98 percent of paddleboarding is done on that calm, beautiful water," he says. "When I'm in Sarasota I love it." Seven different models will ship from the plant. "People are ready for U.S.-made products," he says. Will they also be ready for the first-ever Sarasota SUP Race series, hosted by Hovie June 22 at Siesta Beach? Find out more at

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