Media Picks: January 2013

By ericg January 1, 2013

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What I'm listening to

Arlene Sweeting, station manager at nonprofit radio station WSLR

"I listen to WSLR most of the day. Some of my favorite music shows include Positive Friction, where John Haupt shares eclectic rhythms with a positive message; the Louisiana Gumbo Show, with John Osgood, and Give Peace a Dance with DJ Normen. And I've rediscovered the music of Jonathan Edwards, best known for the hit single Sunshine from the '70s. He'll be performing a benefit for WSLR Feb. 1."


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What I'm reading

Natasha Trethewey, United States Poet Laureate and Hermitage Artist Retreat visiting artist

"I just started Salman Rushdie's Joseph Anton and Eavan Boland's collection of poems, Domestic Violence. I am intrigued by Rushdie's brilliant approach to the memoir form, and Boland is one of my favorite poets whose work I return to again and again."


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What I'm playing

Marty Murphy, Ringling College game art and design professor

"At home, I'm playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and Red Dead Redemption. The Call of Duty franchise always delivers on multiplayer and co-op fun. On my phone, I've been playing Jetpack Joyride, Hero Academy and Galcon against other faculty. I'm looking forward to playing a new mobile game I helped design for a local company, KocoMojo."

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