Behind The Counter: Janet Mixon

By Bianca Benedi January 1, 2013

Janet Mixon, vice president, Mixon Fruit Farms

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Janet Mixon, vice president, Mixon Fruit Farms (Lori Sax)

How did your family get into the fresh citrus and gifts business?

My grandfather was a farmer and ran someone else’s farm, and then ended up buying some of the land. The Mixon Fruit Farm was made official in 1938. Next year is our 75th anniversary.

What’s the most requested delivery?

A quarter bushel of fruit. But we have a new holiday wreath fruit box. We get 200, 300, 400 orders for them now.

What would people be surprised to find out that you sell aside from citrus?

Wine and an absolute ton of our butter cream fudge.

Where’s the farthest you’ve ever delivered an order?

Japan and Europe. But it became so hard with the regulations that by the time they released it, it was three weeks old. Canada’s about as far as we go right now.

You conduct tours and host parties, too. What’s been the most memorable event?

We had a groom from Saudi Arabia and the bride was from Peru. And we had live cameras and 68 computers locked into our server to watch the wedding from all over the world.

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