Poll: Gay Marriage

By Forest Balderson July 1, 2012

Gay MarriageShould gay and lesbian couples be legally allowed to marry?

Yes [15]

No [10]

Do you have a family member or close friend who is gay or lesbian?

Yes [21]

No [4]

What is your age?       

[5]        30s

[5]        40s

[12]       50s

[2]        60s

[1]        70s


Should gay and lesbian couples be allowed to form civil unions, giving them the legal rights of married couples in areas like health insurance, and pensions?

No 7

Yes 18


Is same-sex marriage a threat to traditional marriage between a man and woman?

[7]        Yes

[18]       No


“Gay marriage is a gateway to socialism.”


A homosexual relationship between consenting adults is

[6]        Morally wrong

[19]       Not a moral issue


How have your views towards homosexuality changed during your life?

[9] I have become more accepting

[1] I have become less accepting

[15] They have not changed


If a political candidate favors gay marriage, how would that affect your support for him or her?

[8]        More likely to support

[7]        Less likely to support

[10]       Wouldn’t make any difference


“Abolish marriage, separate church and state and legalize civil unions for straight or gay couples.”

Should gay or lesbian couples be allowed to adopt children?

[18] Yes

[7] No


This poll was conducted at Bayfront Park.

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