Innovator: Jason Riley

By Beau Denton Photography by Alex Stafford July 31, 2012

Jason Riley; Athletes CompoundSarasota athletic trainer Jason Riley’s client list reads like a modern-day sports almanac: Derek Jeter, Maria Sharapova, Ryan Howard, Rex Grossman, to name a few. And his innovative workouts have been profiled in Yahoo! Sports, ESPN and Men’s Fitness magazine. Riley, 37, is the director of the Athletes Compound in Tampa, where he develops personalized training programs for pro and amateur athletes, covering exercise, physical therapy, injury prevention, nutrition, even food and housing. Athletes work on staying healthy and improving their weak spots with Riley during their sport’s off-season through one-hour sessions, about 11 times a week for weeks at a time.

Originally Riley studied to become a physical therapist, but changed directions after an internship at IMG Academies. “I wanted to work with healthy athletes trying to improve their performance,” he says, “instead of just returning injured athletes to play.” More recently, he’s expanded his personal brand even further by co-founding Sarasota-based Elementz Nutrition in 2009 with Janis Krums.“We want to improve performance on a day-to-day basis,” he says of his all-natural supplement line, which is available online,“but we want to improve the quality of life post-career, too.” 

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