June 2012 Insider Poll

By Forest Balderson June 1, 2012

Median age of those polled: 60

How healthy do you consider yourself?

Less healthy than most people my age: 8%

As healthy as most people my age: 48%

More healthy than most people my age: 44%


My health insurance plan is:

Medicare  (10)

Through an employer (6)       

Private (5)

I have no health insurance  (3)

Medicaid (1)

How often do you exercise?

Less than once a week  24%

Daily 16%

Three or four times a week  28%

Once or twice a week 32%


“My private health insurance tripled after several surgeries and procedures, but I would have lost everything without it.”

No. 1 exercise >>  Walking

Do you have friends or family who do not have health insurance?

Yes (20)

If yes, have any faced severe financial problems as a result?: Yes (6); No (14)

No (5)

Would you want the U.S. to have a single-payer healthcare system?

Yes (10)

No (11)

Undecided (4)

Do you support the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)?

Yes (17)

No (7)

Undecided (1)

18>> No. who want to leave Medicare exactly as it is 

This survey was conducted at Bayfront Park and Lido Beach.

This article appears in the June 2012 issue of Sarasota Magazine.

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