By Forest Balderson April 1, 2012

How important was the natural environment in attracting you to Sarasota?

[15]      Very important 

[3]        Important 

[3]        Somewhat important

[4]        Not important at all


How often do you go to the beach?

[7]        More than once a week

[4]        Once a week 

[1]        Twice a month

[3]        Once a month 

[9]        Every few months 

[1]        Twice a year 


Which of the following outdoor activities do you often participate in?

[23]       Walking

[17]       Swimming 

[11]       Biking   

[7]        Fishing    

[6]        Running 

[5]        Boating    

[5]        Tennis  

[4]        Golf  

[4]        Kayaking 

[2]        Gardening

[2]        Shelling

[1]        Snorkeling

[1]        Scuba Diving


How would you rate Sarasota’s public parks?

[16] Excellent 

[3] Good   

[6] Average 


Are you concerned about global warming?

[19] Yes  

[6]  No     


Do you believe tax dollars should be used to acquire and preserve land for future public use?

[21] Yes 

[4] No   


How good a job is Florida doing of protecting its environment?

[4] Excellent 

[4] Good       

[14] Average

[3] Don’t know


“Take care of the environment first, then tourism, money and the right kind of growth will follow.”


Top three messages respondents would like to send to Florida politicians about environmental issues:

No. 1 No offshore drilling

No. 2 Continue efforts to preserve the Everglades

No. 3 Plan for the coming water shortage


What is your favorite outdoor Sarasota attraction?

No. 1 answer: Beaches


This poll was conducted downtown, at Bird Key Park and on Lido Beach in early spring.

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