By Beau Denton Photography by Alex Stafford April 30, 2012

Edward Lin; Founder, HealO Medical, LLC - HELLO HEALO! The O-Ace-Sys wound care system.Years ago, Dr. Edward Lin, founder of HealO Medical, LLC in Osprey, was disturbed when he watched a friend undergo a difficult bandage change: “I watched him grimace in pain and thought there had to be a better therapy.”

So Lin, a Yale-educated anesthesiologist, developed the O-Ace-Sys wound care system—

a clear chamber that covers complex wounds, moderating the oxygen level to improve blood flow and delivering medicine to the wound. The clear chamber means wounds can be monitored constantly, eliminating the painful process of changing bandages every other day, and it is compact enough for a home recovery.

The new approach could reduce average healing time for complex wounds from 23 weeks to 10 weeks. “We have the potential to capture 60 percent to 70 percent of the complex wound market,” says Lin.

The doctor-inventor estimates he needs to raise about $4.5 million for prototypes and trials. Once he secures the funding, he projects revenues of $171 million by the third year after the product is released. O-Ace-Sys has already earned two national awards and praise from prominent medical experts at Stanford University Medical Center, Johns Hopkins and the Department of Defense.

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