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By Forest Balderson March 1, 2012


Average number of years retired


Are you a...


Year-round resident


Part-time resident




How would you rate medical care here?How would you rate medical care here?

[13]       Excellent

[5]        Good

[2]        Poor

[5]        Does not apply


Did you move to Sarasota for retirement?






Where do you live in Sarasota?

[9] My own home

[6] Rented home

[4] My own condo

[3] Rented condo

[1] Retirement community

[1] Hotel

[1] With family


“I took on driving cars for a dealership and I love it.


Describe your financial situation.

[13]       Good

[9]        OK

[2]        Excellent

[1]        Struggling


How would you rate Sarasota for retirees?

[19]       Excellent

[4]        Good

[2]        Average


Main reason you retired here?

[10]       Weather

[6]        Arts and culture

[5]        Proximity to relatives

[4]        Beach


What would make Sarasota better for retirees?

No. 1 response: Nothing


This survey was conducted in February on St. Armands Circle and Lido Beach.

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