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Photography by Lori Sax By Susan Burns March 31, 2012


Susan BurnsEvery year after we finish our Best Bosses contest, the editors in our office talk about how inspiring the winners are. This year, we also talked about our interview with Star2Star CEO Norm Worthington in "Hiring Know-how (page 25)." As the founder of nine companies that have made some recognizable products (including Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing! and the Chessmaster series), Worthington has a lot of experience being the boss. Over the decades, he’s developed some pretty strong opinions on hiring the right people. He wants aggressive, highly skilled creative thinkers and risk takers, who will argue for their ideas. If you’re the sensitive type, who tends to cry if someone criticizes your work, you won’t cut it at Star2Star. Worthington says a good portion of the local workforce does not have the Silicon Valley mentality he requires. While Worthington is probably not the nurturing type, he does sound like an exciting leader—if you can take the heat.

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