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By Beau Denton Photography by Camille Pyatte October 31, 2011

Amanda EyerAmanda Eyer of Sarasota-based Internet marketing firm atLarge, Inc. is a fan of Facebook’s latest innovation—sponsored stories—as yet another way to create buzz. Basically, Facebook is allowing businesses to turn their fans’ activities into paid advertisements for a fee. Here’s how it works: If someone “checks in” at a local restaurant, that activity shows up as a newsfeed story, which is then quickly buried by more recent posts. But if that restaurant pays to turn a percentage of check-ins into advertisements, the story also will appear as an advertisement visible to that fan’s friends. Or, after a certain number of your friends “like” a local business, you may soon see that activity in an ad: “Angelina Jolie and 13 other friends like Biz(941).” “It’s the concept of earned and paid media working together, combining traditional advertising with organic user interactions,” says Eyer.

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