Settling In

By Beau Denton July 13, 2011

So far, my Sarasota summer hasn’t had a whole lot of Sarasota. Last month revolved around a 10-day trip to Diriamba, Nicaragua, which included mountains, soccer, kids, cramped buses and a surprisingly active volcano. Nicaragua’s a beautiful country, with stunning natural landscapes populated by some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. Looking through pictures to share with you is making me want to go back, so if you hear one day that I have suddenly disappeared, you’ll know where I’ve gone.


Beau Versus the Volcano.


Notice the gringo goalie trying not to act terrified? That'd be me.


A Nicaraguan school.

After two full weeks off for that trip, the highlight of my first week back was a heartwarming tour of the Loveland Center for our upcoming Charity Register. Then our office took another week off starting with the July 4 holiday, and I used that time for more travel—South Carolina, Georgia and Jacksonville.

So here I am, scrambling to catch up on tasks and reenter the rhythm of work life, settling into the fact that my remaining summer includes no more travel plans or time off. What’s next, then?

The little things. Reading good books (and re-reading great ones), kayaking, watching baseball and golf, and hopefully catching a few sunsets.

My favorite spot at the moment is the Burns Court Cinemas, where I recently watched Woody Allen’s charming Midnight in Paris and the refreshingly intelligent Beginners, which many of you might remember from this year’s Sarasota Film Festival. I love a good Hollywood 20 blockbuster as much as the next American male, but the stream of potential classics playing at Burns Court is one of the greatest reasons to boast about living in Sarasota. Coming up, watch for the riveting Page One (another SFF highlight) and the hilarious Brendan Gleeson in The Guard.

Speaking of Burns Court, there’s a new café bearing its name opening on Thursday, right across the street from our office. It might help alleviate the loss of Citrus Café, possibly my favorite within-walking-distance lunch spot (but don’t tell Nancy I said that). The owners say they still don’t know what’s next for them after they close their doors on Thursday, which made for a sad lunch earlier this week. To Michael, Susan, Rosemary and the rest of the Citrus staff, thank you for all the food, service and conversation. Whatever comes next, I hope it includes that California Club. With avocado.

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