By Forest Balderson May 31, 2011

Yelitza Staley

Owner, SoCo Sports

We just started using Playbook Community, a free mobile application for anyone who organizes or participates in any type of sports event. We are super excited because now our participants can join their leagues and events on Playbook and connect with other players, share comments and photos, create and manage their league statistics and event results, and access all current and previous league and event information forever. We can publish news and updates on our Playbook Club Page, as well as deliver important league information directly to our players’ smart phones for free. We think that this app will revolutionize the recreational sports industry.  (

Karen Canfield

Owner, Geek Girl PC

The application I use most frequently is MilesTrac. In my [computer repair] business, it is essential to track mileage for tax purposes. I do a lot of traveling to clients’ homes and other business-related locations, and MilesTrac gives me a convenient way to track my mileage. If I had to count on myself to write down my mileage every time I went somewhere for business, I probably wouldn’t do it. Having an app on my phone makes it easy to remember—not to mention my phone is always right there with me. (

John Neal

President, John Neal Homes; Executive Vice President, Neal Signature Homes

I use my mobile device for things I used to rely on from other people—from personal banking to mapping, even accessing my news. The problem with that is many of the apps reduce my connection with the outside world, so right now my favorite app is called Hidden Sky. It allows you to identify planets and satellites as they whiz overhead. I think it has the real wow factor as far as cool apps go. (

Randi McDowall

LCSW counselor, Neuropsychology and Behavioral Health Associates

I like Ring Central for my iPhone. It enables our secretary to forward a message to my cell phone. It sends a text and/or an email notification. In the industry of behavioral health, every call is important, so when I’m out of the office, I’m still able to stay in touch with clients and return their calls. It would be good for any business that has to respond to multiple clients. It’s good for me because I don’t work regular office hours. There are multiple employees where we work, and we are all expected to return calls to families with concerns or questions. (

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