Tools of The Trade

By Beau Denton April 30, 2011

HP allows you to pull a whitebord out of your pocket with a compact new device—the HP pocket whiteboard—that projects onto almost any flat surface to create up to 10 feet of diagonal workspace. The receiver (7.72-by-1.42 by-0.354 inches) connects to a PC through a USB cable and captures strokes and taps made using a wireless stylus. Integrated software ties everything together, projecting interactive content onscreen and online and enabling users to record everything shared for easy distribution. $899.

Keeping an eye on the workplace is not always easy for busy bosses. The best bet to thwart miscreant workers is the tiny Vue Personal Video camera. The system can watch over businesses from virtually anywhere using smartphones or any online PC. Merely place the cameras in the desired location (indoor or outdoor), power up the base station and voilà: advantage, boss. The cameras, which are controllable through a web app accessible with Android and iDevices, can pan and zoom, and there is an option to use motion activation. $99 to $159.

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