Tools of The Trade

By Spencer Campbell April 1, 2011

You finally bought one. An iPad. Confidence radiates from your fingers as you use the touch screen to move sales figures from column A to column B in the big meeting. Your kids respect you again when you download Toy Story 3 for them. The wife snuggles closer as you read the new Nicholas Sparks together. Let’s face it: Life is easy with an iPad. Until it falls from your grasp and that couture case—the pricey handmade leather slip no thicker than a napkin—allows it to break into a million pieces. Now, you’re just you again. Forget fashion and protect your most valuable asset with the Otterbox iPad Defender Case. No, it’s not sexy, but its three layers of protection cushion the toughest blows. $89.95.  

With all the new technology available in the world, you can no longer ignore the truth: You need a talking watch. Especially if you’re in business. These days, we’re doing the job of two, maybe three people. Who has time to actually look at a watch face? But here’s the curveball: Which talking watch is best? Hammacher Schlemmer thinks they have the answer with The Best Talking Watch. (FYI: That’s the actual name of the product.) TBTW announces the time and the date, plus it updates automatically for daylight saving time. $99.95.

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