By Forest Balderson March 31, 2011


James Buchanan

Owner/broker, James Buchanan Realty

"There’s rarely an ideal time to start a business, and I’m a contrarian to the idea that a good economy is the best for a start-up. The recession creates opportunities. Now is the time to build relationships and teams for when times get better. Locally, the economy doesn’t get much better to consider buying [real estate]; I’m optimistic and bullish about that. More baby boomers are hitting the age of retirement and, when they visit Sarasota, they will fall in love. It doesn’t get much more gorgeous than this."


Heather Hackett

Owner, I Train Your Kids

"I wanted to start a business to help children get healthy and fit, and there was no way I was going to dismiss my dream because people say the economy is down; it just means I have to work harder. In 2005, people could have said it was too expensive to start a business during a good economy. Today, products, services and rents are cheaper because people are willing to negotiate their prices. I aim my business in a creative way with tweaks and changes along the way. If my business fails, I will not blame it on the economy. For me there is no Plan B, only how I can make Plan A work."


Nancy Krohngold

Founder and co-owner, Nancy’s Bar-B-Q

"I opened up shop in Sarasota as a graphic designer 20 years ago, and when the economy tanked, the phone stopped ringing, since advertising was the first slash in a company’s budget. Food has been a real passion of mine since college, and I started making a pulled pork recipe for family and friends. Through word of mouth, I began catering and delivery. When the Caragiulos approached me [to open a restaurant], I said, “Yes, the stars are now aligned for this business.” I’m offering the right food at the right price. People want comfort food at comfortable prices. In terms of staffing, it’s no surprise that there’s a lush, full market of people out there looking for work. Finding good people is not going to be an issue."

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