Tools of The Trade

By Spencer Campbell November 30, 2010

Although most business is done on the computer nowadays, we spend hours at the office ignoring it. There are meetings, conference calls, coffee breaks, the newest Biz941 to thumb through—all sorts of distractions. Meanwhile, our computers keep on sucking up electricity. It’s unrealistic to think we can turn off our workstations every time we leave our desks, but, thanks to the Ecobutton, we can minimize energy consumption. It’s attached to your computer via a USB connection; simply press the Ecobutton and your screen will instantly revert into the most energy-efficient mode possible. When you return, press the button to awaken the system. $27.68.

Just because you’re going on the road it’s not OK to sully the planet. SolarGorilla made sure of that with its Solar Charger, a portable solar panel that’s compatible with everything from an iPhone to most laptops. It connects through a USB socket, features an LED signal to convey signal strength and is enveloped in a tough outer casing to withstand business travel. And besides saving the planet, it finally gives you the excuse to eschew the office in favor of the sunny hammock on your deck. $219.85.

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