Trailer Park Chic

By Carol Tisch Photography by Gene Pollux October 1, 2010

Pedigreed antiques, lush upholstery fabrics and fine art are Bob Bacon’s passions. So when he recently moved to a Sarasota mobile home park called The Winds of St. Armands, he took his prized possessions with him. “I didn’t want to part with anything, but I’m not a condo person. And I didn’t want to deal with a garden, a swimming pool and huge overhead—I just wanted to power down in a place for me and my dog,” says the owner of Bacon & Wing, a furniture and textiles manufacturing business he built to national prominence with his partner, the late Thomas Wing. Instead, Bacon bought his now majestic mobile home for $15,000 and immediately embarked on a $100,000 remodel, including enclosing the porch for a new total of 1,600 square feet of interior space. “I went for the best—a new kitchen, new bath with a sink from Paris, wood floors, all new walls and five-point crown molding throughout,” he says. “The last thing I wanted was a home that looked like a trailer.”

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