By Graham Clark September 30, 2010

Matt Orr


The HuB

I don’t use it like I thought I was going to. We were developing some iPad apps, and we needed one to play with, see how people were interacting with it. When I bought one, I thought I would be the most organized human on the planet. I downloaded a bunch of business apps that I thought I would be using, but I don’t think I’ve opened them up. It doesn’t have a keyboard that’s convenient so I can’t take good notes on it. I use it for statuses, I check my e-mail a lot on it at home, and I read the news on it like crazy. It’s just a great entertainment device.

Tim Cole

Executive vice president/editorial director

Belvoir Media Group

We publish aviation consumer and IFR aviation safety newsletters for general aviation pilots, and there are a lot of apps out there that are appropriate and relevant to the general aviation pilot community. These apps include things like how to file flight plans; they can retrieve weather, and they have on-route charts and terminal approach procedures. I bought an iPad, and I gave it to my editors to run through some of these apps and write reviews. When I get the iPad back—which I hope to be some time this year!—I ’m going to use it primarily for books, magazines and other subscriptions. I’ve got a Kindle now, but the iPad has built-in lighting and other groovy, whiz-bang stuff that I desperately want.

Donna De Poalo


Edge Marketing

I use it for work. It’s a lot less cumbersome than my laptop. The best thing is I have documents with me when I’m in meetings so I can refer to things. I have something called PaperDesk, which helps me take notes so I’ll have files for all my different clients. It’s not great for taking extensive notes, but I can make little notes and then go back and look at it once I’m at home with my computer. It’s also helped me when I’m traveling; walking through the airport with just an iPad instead of a whole big computer case.

Ron Blunden


Computer Advantage

I use it more at home and when I’m traveling. I love the GPS. I’ve got built-in GPS in all my cars but this is hands-down, no comparison, a hundred times better. When we were traveling, I left it on the whole time. Also, my grandkids love the games; I let them play with it when I’m not using it. The littler the kid, the more you have to pry it from their fingers. It’s a tool, it’s fun, and we’re certainly selling them. They account for 35 percent to 40 percent of our sales right now.

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