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By Molly Sinclair McCourtney March 31, 2010

The head of the new Lamborghini Sarasota dealership—one of 30 in the U.S. and one of 60 in the world—is a 39-year-old go-getter who started working at the age of 10 for his father, who ran a Tampa landscape and irrigation business. By the time he was a teenager, Victor Young was the company’s estimator. “One of our accounts was at Tampa International Airport, where we did monthly maintenance,” Young says. “When they decided to add a terminal, my father wanted to bid on the job. I remember someone asking my father who his estimator was. My dad pointed at me. I was about 13, working with a pad and pencil, walking off the job by foot. I put together the bid and we got the contract.” Before acquiring his Sarasota dealerships, Young had been a general manager of auto dealerships in Tampa.

Describe Victor Young Enterprises. It’s the management company for my three auto stores: Lamborghini Sarasota, which opened in June 2009; BMW of Sarasota, acquired in January 2008; and Wesley Chapel Mini Cooper, under construction in the Tampa Bay area. The Lamborghini-BMW complex on Clark Road covers 13 acres and includes 55,000 square feet of buildings for sales, service and offices. BMW revenues were about $125 million for 2009, up from the previous year.

How much does a Lamborghini cost and how many have you sold? They start at $200,000 and go up to $1.5 million. We sold five as of February [totaling $1.2 million].

Who buys a Lamborghini, especially in this economy? There is still a lot of money out there. It is for the individual who works really hard, makes good money and needs a stress-reliever—for example, a business person who sells his business or an investor who wants to reward himself after completing an acquisition.

What’s your top way to find customers? Referrals. A client will call me and say he has a friend who is considering a Lamborghini.

Toughest part of your job? Finding the necessary time to meet and talk with potential buyers.

Easiest part? Everyone loves the Lamborghini, so you don’t have to sell it. It sells itself. It is therapeutic because being wrapped inside a $100,000 handmade interior from Italy and hearing an iconic exhaust note coming from that engine takes your mind off other things. You almost become one with the car.

Where do you want to be in five years? I would like to see my three stores all running well and have more time to enjoy my wife and three daughters, ages eight to 21.

What life experience shaped you most? My father was a very old-school guy from North Carolina who never finished high school and who taught me that your character and your values are priceless. He taught me never to worry about money, that if you do the right thing, the money will follow. That has been my life. Every promotion, every opportunity I have received has been a phone call coming to me, including the phone call that led to my selection as the dealer for Lamborghini Sarasota.

What goals have you not yet achieved? I am right on track. I have pretty much achieved them all.

What are you best at? Recruiting the right people and then making sure I can teach them what I know.

What are you not so good at? I have to call my wife on that. But I would say I am not good at having fun sometimes. I am definitely a workaholic.

What kind of car did your father drive and what do you drive? He was a car enthusiast and rotated between a new Cadillac or new Lincoln every year. I drive a yellow Lamborghini LP-560 Spyder. It’s a demo.

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