Peak Performer

By Hannah Wallace Photography by Rebecca Baxter December 31, 2009

Homebuilder John Cannon leads a multimillion-dollar company that builds custom homes throughout Florida’s west coast. Lately he’s been building muscles at Uppercut Boxing at Fitness.

Why boxing? I’d been going to a gym with a personal trainer for 10 years. I’d get up at 6, three mornings a week. It seemed like a lot of money and just boring. My son started working out at Uppercut with [proprietor] Aaron [Jaco], and I went to one class, and it just worked for me. Aaron’s personality is the reason. A lot of people would feel intimidated—you know, boxing. Aaron makes it comfortable. Now I go three times a week. It’s an intense workout for an old guy like me. I go at it full speed; I’m just dripping. I really like the class aspect of it, too; making new friends, socializing helps. It becomes fun. The class is 10 bucks a person—really the best value in town.

How do you find the time? I schedule around it. I tell people, “I can’t do that; I’ve got this standing appointment.” One thing that’s been difficult, my kids are in high school. But I can just ask Aaron to come in early, work out on the heavy bag, and blow out of there in time for my daughter’s soccer game.

Benefits? My legs feel a lot stronger with all those squats and lunges and sprints. I’ve noticed my body changing; I’ve gained weight, muscle. I went to the eye doctor and my eyes have gotten better. He said it may be the intense activity, the increased blood flow. I don’t know if boxing did it or not, but my distance vision is definitely better.

Goals? I love to ski, and now when I get out there on the slopes, I know I’m not going to feel like I struggle to get down the hill. I just want to keep getting stronger, not just holding steady. I just want to feel better every day.

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