Fashion Statement

By Ilene Denton Photography by Lori Sax December 1, 2009

asset_upload_file3_30529.jpgWhat are you wearing? A black chiffon dress by Elie Saab with custom beadwork across the bodice. He and Zuhair Murad are my favorite designers; they’re both from Lebanon, and I’m from Syria. Where do you shop? I shop in Europe, and, again, Lebanon. They have the best fashion; I go there a few times a year. I go to a couple of places in New York, too, like Dolce and Gabbana. I go over to the big designer shops in Miami, like Prada, for the shoes and purses, but I very rarely shop here. Describe your fashion style. I like to be different. I like sexy, and pretty. I don’t follow crazy fashion; I like to look elegant, like a lady. I wear black, red and white, but most of the time I’m in black. My father called me the Black Beauty. What brought you to Sarasota? I’ve been here five years. I was married to a doctor who got a job offer in Sarasota. I saw the sunset on Siesta Key—all the colors—and decided to stay. It is like a little paradise here. I owned a store called Yara’s Boutique on Hillview for one year, but closed it recently because of the economy. I’m now finishing my M.B.A. at USF.

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