Crunching Number

By Hannah Wallace November 30, 2009


Number Of Professional Artists: 84

Number Of Student Artists: 187

Number Of Performances: 36

Number Of Tickets Sold: 11,339 Of The 11,975 Available

Price Per Ticket: $10-$30

No. Of States Festival Patrons Came From: 25

No. Of Countries: 18

No. Of Hotel Nights: 804 (Used By Festival Artists, Managers And Crew)

Estimated Per Person Spending Average At Event: $27.29 Per Event; $40.19 For Non-Local Attendee

Total Event-Related Spending By Patrons (Includes Ticket Sales): $476,738

Ringling Museum Store RevenUe During Festival: $17,828 (Average Of $4,457 A Day)

Average Daily Sales Seven Days Before The Festival: $1,450

Total Event-Related Expenses: $679,000

State Of Florida Grant: $1.5 Million

No. Of Out-Of-State Media Stories Generated By The Festival: 15 (As Of Nov. 4)


SOURCE: John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art

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