Quick, What Should I Wear?

By staff March 5, 2009

Help me pick my outfit for Saturday’s Club Forty!


By Hannah Wallace


I may be opening myself up here for a great deal of sartorial ridicule, but I’m willing to admit I’m very insecure when it comes to attire. My fashion skills rank right up there with my ability to, say, sing. And while I can hide in the crowd during karaoke night, I can’t, y’know, not wear clothes.


So here’s your opportunity to dress me, based on clothing available, for Saturday night’s Club Forty.  Weigh in with your picks in the comments section—feel free to mix and match. (And if you think I need to buy something totally new for this event, please, be specific!)


OPTION ONE: Fancy skirt and tank


Yeah, don't play dress-up on Tuesdays. I'm looking

longingly at my pajamas in this shot.


PRO: Legit fanciness (I bought it from L. Boutique—on sale, of course); pretty color; shiny!


CON: Possibly fancier than need be? Also, I’ve already worn this outfit to October’s UnParty as well as last week’s Goodwill Fat Tuesday party.


And the problem right now with skirts in general is, the bony pre-pubescent brats I played soccer against on Monday kept jumping in all pointy elbows and knobby knees, so now my left leg’s surgical scars are matched by this on the right side:




OPTION TWO: Butt-enhancing jeans, rock-star tee, [expletive]-me boots


PRO: Plays into the event as a cool “nightclub” (as opposed to fancy “gala”)? Emphasizes my strong suits (butt), downplays my weaknesses (boobs); comfortable, both physically and mentally—this is the most “me,” in my opinion, so I wouldn’t have to fake the confidence.


CON: Maybe a little too casual? Jeans zipper falls down a lot; shoes losing a bit of luster (read: material. And possibly, heels).

Here it is with a red shirt:



 Wow, I seriously need some peep-toe shoes.


I’d love to wear the gray tee to an event, but maybe this is better.


OPTION THREE: Black skirt, colorful shirt


Yeah, Hannah's done with the photo

shoot, folks. Nothing more to see here.


PRO: Flattering skirt; shirt actually not one solid color.


CON: Red and black may be a bit too…something; may be a touch too cool on Saturday to wear a tank top; see above re: bruised and battered legs.


Ok, so, quick like bunnies, give me your suggestions below!


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