One Great Room

By Carol Tisch Photography by Lori Sax March 1, 2009

When Steve and Lynn Blackledge purchased their 2,900-square-foot Gulf-view condo in the Positano on Longboat Key, they were living in a home designed around the ancient principles of feng shui. “We wanted to bring this new home into that same harmony and balance, but we also wanted the interiors to harmonize with the beach—to bring the outside in,” Lynn says.

Designer Samir Hanna of Samir Hanna Interiors started in the living room, which enjoys stunning water views. “I always respect the environment surrounding the home, so we used all the Gulf of Mexico colors: the blues and greens of the water; the creamy tones of sand,” he explains.

The couple’s feng shui expert encouraged Hanna to carefully balance the elements of water, fire, earth, wood and metal, and to use design elements featuring wave motifs to keep energy circulating.

“When homes are done to feng shui, we have more peace and harmony in our lives,” Lynn says. “Your home becomes a sanctuary.”



The custom entertainment center, 1, designed by Hanna was crafted by Elite Woodwork, as was the matching maple coffee table, 2, with concrete top. Waves alluding to the water element (and Gulf view) are a recurring theme, including on a Rugs as Art  cotton rug, 3, that depicts waves rippling into pools. Feng shui’s natural elements include metal, artfully represented here with textural works from Galleria Silecchia, 4, by metal artist Paul Tamanian, this one painted to give the illusion of diving into a coral reef. True balance in the home requires use of natural elements from the earth, like the woven rope chairs, 5, from Robb & Stucky, motorized raffia shades, 6, and sheer draperies with accents of raffia threads. Designer fabrics for upholstery, 7, and toss pillows, 8, from Designer’s Source of Sarasota pick up the cream tones of beach sand, blues and greens of the Gulf and harmonize with the principles of feng shui. Aqua Creations’ crushed silk Morning Glory floor lamp, 9,from Light up Your Life is a nod to Lynn’s love of sunset-bright color and the feng shui element of fire. The sinuous sponge shape implies the sea.

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