The Magnificent Seven

By Hannah Wallace Photography by Barbara Banks January 1, 2009

Who said a good man is hard to find? We found seven dashing single gents right here in Sarasota with the style, charisma, character—and oh, let’s not forget, the looks—that make them not just good, but great.

We put together a panel of gals—and guys—about town and asked them to recommend the hottest men on the market today—and to defend their picks. The debate was heated. Square jaws and baby blues were pitted against blond curls and toned physiques. And then we had to size up the intangibles: career success, dedication to family, warmth of spirit and, of course, sense of humor.

In the end, we narrowed the list to seven outstanding bachelors, including a dedicated dad, a fun-loving shy guy and a former college quarterback with Southern values. Here they are, in their own words, describing their turn-ons, their turnoffs, and what they’re looking for in that special someone.

Will Proctor 26

Client service and marketing SPECIALIST,

Glaxis Capital Management, LLC

(registered investment advisors for high

net worth individuals and institutions)

Hometown: Winter Park, Fla.

Resume highlight: Former starting quarterback for Clemson University.

Describes himself as: Passionate about what I do. I’m a Christian, which is really important to me. I love my family, and I love sports.

Giveaway that he’s interested: I’ll be smiling from ear to ear.

Potential dates should know: I’m a huge Orlando Magic fan. Friends and I like to travel to L.A. to watch the Magic play the Lakers.

Turnoffs: Smoking and pessimism.

He’s looking for: A girl with Southern values.  And someone my mom would like.

Dating pet peeve: When a girl tries to order wine and really has no idea what she’s doing, so the waiter has to correct her. I’m no wine snob, but that’s painful to watch.

How she can make a good impression: Being able to take the reins.

Best compliment he could get: If, after just having lunch or meeting me for just a little bit, they have a sense that I’m a Christian.

Favorite travel spots: L.A., anywhere in South Carolina, and New York City. I’m a firm believer in spontaneous travel. And when I go somewhere, I usually like to package it around a sporting event.

Sexiest thing a woman can wear: T-shirt and jeans.

Kids? Absolutely.

Key to a successful relationship: They have to become your best friend. You’re a team. You’re working together to get to your goals.

Our take: He’s a genuine, boy-next-door sweetheart. And when he smiles? Get the smelling salts.

Rich Schineller, 50

PR facilitator

Hometown: Westchester, N.Y.

Describes himself as: Open and engaging. I like to ask questions, and I talk a lot.

Dating style: I have a great network of friends. I like to get to know people on a group basis. Sarasota is good for that.

For a relationship, he’d never give up: My close relationship with my kids (ages 16, 12 and seven).

Turnoffs: Negativity, closed mind, prejudice. And being too much of an elitist.

First thing he notices: Her smile. The truth in her eyes, if they really open up to you.

Sure sign that he’s interested: If I’m not talking. I’m listening.

On a great date: There’s interaction and a lot of laughter. There’s finding differences in opinion that you can agree upon—that level of attraction that causes you to see someone else’s point of view.

I wish women wouldn’t: Be so competitive with each other.

Favorite hangouts: Olive Oil Company for coffee.  And Libby’s. It’s really more important who’s there than where we are.

Sexiest thing a woman can wear: A smile. I like when women look good without being label-conscious.

Favorite place to travel: Florence, Italy. I have a lot of family from Tuscany.

Go-to pickup line: I don’t know if I have one, and if I do, it doesn’t work too well.

Key to a successful relationship: Mutual understanding of needs and desires.

Our take: With his weathered good looks, wry smile and New York accent, he’s a dead ringer for TV chef (No Reservations) and author Anthony Bourdain—and isn’t that delicious?

Robert Tynan 29

Director of international sales, AuthentEscapes

Hometown: County Laois, Ireland

Describes himself as: Slightly moody.  A little bit of a perfectionist. High-energy—I know what I want.

Potential dates should know: I have a lifestyle that doesn’t coincide with a normal relationship. I’m out of town so much—on average, 10-14 days at a time.

He’s attracted to: Hard to say. Previous girlfriends have been so extreme—one blonde, from Australia, crazy about surfing; the last one was a refined type, brunette, a dancer.

Staying active: I’m gym crazy—I go to the downtown YMCA, and I used to teach a spin class. So I like it if a woman isn’t sedentary.

Pickup style: Irish people are kind of laid-back. People hear my accent, of course, and they just open up to us. It’s nice—not just for dating, but in sales as well.

Turnoffs: Bad manners. And reality TV shows—they drive me nuts.

First thing he notices: The eyes. And how she carries herself.

Sexiest style? I like French fashion: just-below-the-knee boots. And I love ladies who wear hats.

Favorite places to travel: Barcelona is my favorite city to visit in all the world. It’s great to share—you get to watch their eyes and live the city all over again.

He’d make a good boyfriend because: I’m generous by design. My parents are that way; it’s not something I’ve tried to become.

Our take: We hate to focus on the Irish thing, but…wow. That accent is a cool breeze through your hair.

John Lucas, 78

Retired CEO

Hometown: Peoria, Ill.

Resume highlight: Former CEO of several successful biomedical companies.

Describes himself as: An extrovert. I really like people, and I pride myself on being tolerant.

Continuing education: I’m taking classes at Pierian Spring Academy—Tuesdays it’s Shakespeare, Thursdays it’s opera.

Pickup line: I usually make some comment about the event we’re at, and ask her opinion.

First date dinner spot: Selva Grill. It’s right around the corner [he lives downtown], you know it’s going to be good, and you know she’s going to be impressed.

Dating style: I have season tickets to Asolo Rep, the opera, FST and the symphony. If my son doesn’t want to go to something, I take one of my lady friends. I go on a lot of dates that aren’t going to lead to a committed relationship.

Desire to settle down: I’m open. If lightning strikes, that’s OK.

Age limit: My last wife is just now 52. I’d say, anything under 50 I consider pedophilia.

Favorite travel spots: London, Paris and the Riviera in the off season: Everyone’s gone, and the girls are still on the beach. Except they’re not topless anymore.

I wish women wouldn’t: Do whatever they do in the ladies’ room that takes half an hour.

Key to a successful relationship: Mutual caring and respect.

Potential dates should know: They’re not getting a spring chicken! But I just had a major physical, and the doctor said I had the blood chemistry of a 50-year-old.

Our take: Smart, cultured and funny—no wonder the ladies line up to enjoy his company. Where do we sign up?

Joey Panek, 32

Actor, interactive and social media manager, The Hub

Hometown: Syracuse, N.Y.

Sarasota’s gay dating scene: There’s a community of gay men that you don’t normally encounter. They don’t go to the bars or to the normal gay events. You just meet them here and there.

Dating style: I go on dates a lot, but I used to think every date had to end in a relationship. Now it’s more about going about my life.

Ideal first date: It has to be interactive. If a movie’s involved at all, it needs to be first, so then you have something to talk about over dinner. I’ve realized coffee and a walk is a great way to go.

Surprise pickup hot spot: Roller derby.

Giveaway he’s interested: Laughing and eye contact. And sharing YouTube clips is how I bond.

First thing he notices: His hands and his chest.

Dating deal breaker: If they’re rude to anyone in the service industry. And if they’re hung up on their exes—either they won’t talk about them or they talk about them constantly.

Sexiest thing a guy can wear: A good pair of jeans and a shirt with a flattering cut.

Why he’d be a good boyfriend: This is a really good time for me. I’m just on the other side of some growing pains. I’ve abandoned the gypsy lifestyle and committed to being in one place.

Key to a successful relationship: Adaptability. Both people have to evolve as we grow up and both need to be receptive to life’s changes.

Our take: We detected a hint of irresistible mischief behind that sweet sincerity. Plus, he’s so much fun—he’s totally our new BFF.Joe Wright, 39


Sarasota Family YMCA Achievers program

Hometown: Sarasota

Describes himself as: Fun, easygoing, hyper—working with kids all day, you’ve got to have a lot of energy.

What he’s looking for: Ms. Right: classy, a good mind, good personality, good heart.

Pickup style: People can’t believe I’m shy. I have to get into a real strong mindset before I can just walk up and talk to someone. My guys—my circle of friends, I call them my “round table”—they’re my icebreakers. You’ve gotta have some good wing men.

Turnoffs: Lying, playing games.

The first date plan: I like to find out their interest and combine it with mine. I can’t just say, “This is what I want to do,” because maybe she’s not into that.

Favorite hangouts: Horse Feathers, Ivory, Evie’s.

He’s attracted to: An athletic build. I love sports, so I like it when women like to exercise and to stay in shape.

Giveaway he’s interested: Conversation. I’m a pretty good communicator. If I’m quiet around you, I probably don’t like you.

I wish women wouldn’t: Gossip.

Dating deal breaker: Women who talk about themselves a lot—divas. Women who think they’re God’s gift to men. If you’re really that good, other people will spread the gospel for you.

Key to a successful relationship: Keep it fresh, keep it sexy and keep it creative.

Desire to settle down: Seven [out of 10]. I’m into dating for a relationship, not just to date.

Kids? I have a daughter who’s 18. I’d definitely like to have more.

Our take: The kind of guy who’d worship you and make you laugh at the same time. And his smile should be tracked by the CDC—it’s infectious.

Janis Krums, 25


Elementz Nutrition

Hometown: Riga, Latvia. Moved to Sarasota in 1995.

Describes himself as: Laid-back, athletic.

Your claim to fame: I was on a ferry in the Hudson River and took a photo of downed US Airways flight 1549 and posted it to Twitter. Unknowingly, I’d taken the first photo of the event. The next day I was interviewed by CNN, 20/20, Good Morning America, and other international and regional news stations.

Looking for: I like girls who are independent, focused on their careers. I don’t want someone who’s not doing anything with her life.

Pickup style: I don’t think “What’s your sign?” really works. I’m

sincere; I just go up and talk and see what happens.

On a good date: You’re talking and talking, and time really passes quickly. If you’re just looking at your phone and checking Facebook, it’s not going well. But if you forget about all that social media, that’s good.

Turnoffs: Lying. If you can’t be honest about small things, I don’t know if I can trust you in an

actual relationship.

First date plan: Somewhere quirky and fun—the museum, or on the water, rent a boat or go to Siesta. Sarasota has so many attractions. I don’t really want to go to a movie; you can do that anywhere.

Desire to settle down: It’d be nice, but it’s not something I’m obsessed about. You meet people when you’re not really looking. It’s never like I’m saying, “OK, I’m going to find someone tomorrow.”

Kids? Yeah, eventually.

I wish women wouldn’t: Be so obsessed about how they look. They don’t believe you when you say they look good. If I say it, I’m not lying to you.

Best compliment he could get: That I’m a good person to be around.

Our take: This successful young entrepreneur exudes just enough bashfulness to put you totally at ease.

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