One Great Room

By staff July 1, 2008

ArialTo move or not to move—that is the question perplexing many Sarasotans’ minds these days, and Nancy and Carmen Trotta were no exception. The pair loved the sweeping views of the Intracoastal from their 2,100-square-foot, three-bedroom home in the Promenade, but they had run out of storage space.

The Longboat Key couple, who also own a home in Chicago, were torn. “I wanted to move and Carmen didn’t,” says Nancy, who called in Wade Davis, co-owner of Gulf Coast Building Group, to impartially assess the condo’s remodeling potential. “We showed them how we could reorganize the space they had to make it more efficient,” explains Davis.

“When I learned they were artists themselves [the Trottas admit only to ‘dabbling’], I knew we could design something out of the box,” says Davis, who renovated all baths, added a storage unit in the master bedroom and  packed more storage into the laundry room and new  designer kitchen. But Nancysays she got a lot more than efficiency: “The zebra wood, steel and glass kitchen actually works better with our contemporary art,” she says. “We gained the benefit of a new home without having to move.”

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