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By staff April 15, 2008

Sowing the seeds of my nonprofit involvement.


By Hannah Wallace


Well, I just finished printing, sorting, stuffing and sending all 229 update forms for our September Charity Register issue. It’s my fourth year as nonprofit wrangler on this annual project, and as much as I like to think of it as my community service, I think the fact that I’m earning a salary for my efforts automatically disqualifies it as a “contribution.” Worse still, for the next three and a half months I’ll receive the details on some 500 or so local charities—way less than half the 501(c)3s in Sarasota and Manatee counties—and not only will I be reminded of all the good deeds I’m not doing, but I’ll also be unable to include most of those organizations in the printed mag. (Limited space forces us to omit many many wonderful nonprofits.)


On the bright side (well, my bright side, at least), I do have two feathers to stick in my do-gooder cap.


First off, I proudly contributed (er, well, again: freelanced) copy for Forty Carrots’ new capital campaign brochure, which recently earned a few Addy Awards from the Suncoast Advertising Federation. Forty Carrots, if you aren’t familiar with the organization (as I now thoroughly am), offers parenting and child-development classes throughout the community, for families at all socio-economic levels. To boot, the brochure was part of an annual community service from Ringling College: Each year, Ringling seniors contribute their artistic abilities—at no charge—to select local nonprofits. The students get invaluable professional training, while the nonprofits get award-winning talent.


As you can see, the artistry is a priceless contribution.


Secondly, I did indeed get an invite to join the committee for Planned Parenthood’s November 2008 Safe Sex event. It’s one of those amazing compliments-by-inclusion that came without my soliciting for it. So very cool.


Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make the kick-off meeting on Tuesday. Why not? Because I’ll be in Vegas, that’s why. Yep, I’m shirking charitable opportunities for Sin City and its greed-based debauch.


But hey, maybe when I come back I can be a full-fledged philanthropist.


Later this week: Vegas preview!
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