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By Hannah Wallace April 30, 2007

With this issue, we’ve become Biz941, a simpler, bolder name that says exactly what we do—cover business in the Sarasota and Manatee area code. And in case you’re wondering whether our fast-growing region may soon get an additional area code or two, not to worry. John Manning, director of The North American Numbering Plan (NANP), the only administrator of area codes in the United States, says we’ll be 941 until the fourth quarter of 2022. “Really?” I asked. “You can predict to the quarter?” “Well, don’t hold me to the quarter,” he said, “but we’re pretty accurate.”

Let’s all breathe a sigh of relief that we won’t have to change our address books (or our name) for another 15 years. In the meantime, we at Biz941 pledge to do our best to continue to cover the business stories you want to read.

We’re launching something else new this month—an annual contest called “Best Bosses.” People seem to relish telling stories about their abusive bosses, and I’ve wondered if it’s just not more fun to gripe about the workplace than to remember those moments when you really felt productive and valued. This contest proved me wrong.

We announced our Best Bosses contest last January, and the nominations poured in. As I read the descriptions of the nominees, I felt I was really reading about another kind of family. Many workers actually referred to their bosses and their workplaces as their “second family,” and the relationships they described were filled with words like “caring,” “trusting” and “nurturing.” The employees who wrote us said they were willing to attempt the impossible for bosses like these, and it made me think about how much more productive our workplaces would be if we all treated our employees with the same respect and equality that these bosses do. They’re hard-working and inspiring mentors who have no problem washing coffee cups, letting workers off to take care of an elderly parent or prodding them to realize their full potential.

It was no easy task choosing the best bosses from the stack of submissions we received, but we believe we ultimately selected seven men and women who symbolize the best. May we all live up to their examples.

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